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Property Management Answering Service


For the busy property management companies, having a 24-hour call center to handle all of your inbound calls during non-office hours is an invaluable resource. The property management professional wears many hats – from being a leasing agent, to maintenance and repair services, to rent collection. While many smaller organizations still resort to the answering machine to take their messages, those organizations who wish to have an edge on their competitors find the most convenient and affordable solutions to set themselves apart from the rest. Property Management Answering Services are the perfect solution for all of your clients’ needs.

Call center operators are trained to understand your industry’s needs, and can effectively respond your clients’ concerns in the most professional and respectful manner possible. Because our call center employees know that your lessee may encounter any number of issues while occupying commercial or residential property, we want to make sure your customers have the absolute best service possible, along with a solid commitment to resolve their issues promptly.

How many calls are you missing while you are out of the office? In client meetings? On site or an inspection? How many customer concerns are falling by the wayside because you do not have proper phone coverage other than the ever impersonal, “please leave a message after the tone”? Just think of how quickly your business could grow if you never missed a call. A 24-hour, 7-day a week answering service is the solution you’re looking for. Intelligent and experienced call center operators who see to it that your clients’ problems get the immediate attention they should expect from their full-service property manager.

One of the best features of hiring an answering service is that you can customize the service to your liking, and to suit your business appropriately. Calls will be answered the way you want – with whatever response you want your clients to hear. The call center operators are knowledgeable regarding industry standards and regulations, and can disseminate any information you would prefer to all of your inbound callers. Your lessees will always feel valued and appreciated, and will know how committed you are to their business and their property. The best business executive knows that without superior customer service, your business won’t pack a punch. Show your customers that when it comes to your services, excellence is the name of the game. Hire a Property Management Answering Service to show them how much they mean to you.

US Based



All Operators are based in the USA


Your Rate Decreases as Call Volume Increases!

Adjust Package Month to Month

24 / 7

No Hidden Fees

For True 24x7 Service.

No Additional Charges for After Hours, Holidays or Weekends

Per Call

We Bill Monthly Per Call.  You Can Even Adjust Your Package Month to Month!

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