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In today’s business climate, it’s critical that businesses take customer service and availability seriously.

What’s The Difference Between Live Transfer & Call Patching?

We offer outstanding and affordable Call Patching and Live Transfer services to a variety of businesses of every size and in every industry. Choosing between Call Patching and Live Transfer services depends on a business’ particular call handling needs, however both types of services can be used on any account. Which service does your business need?

Live Transfer

Live Transfer services enableTCB to act as a live switchboard for our clients. With Live Transfer, our experienced operators answer the phone and ask the caller what extension, person or department they need. Next, the operator transfers the caller to the location immediately without fanfare or questioning. Live Transfer is a straightforward process, and the caller is put in touch immediately with the person or department they’re trying to reach. Call patching, on the other hand, makes callers feel like they are being personally assisted.

Call Patching

Call Patching is similar to Live Transfer but is a more involved process. With Call Patching, our operators ask callers a few questions to learn a bit more about them, and what their needs are. Operators are able to screen calls and prevent confusion or problematic callers from getting through. The screening process also ensures that your customers are reaching the correct destination and getting in touch with the right personnel. As part of our Call Patching services, our operators can keep callers on hold while we call the account contact to determine if the call should be patched or if a message should be taken.

US Based



All Operators are based in the USA


Your Rate Decreases as Call Volume Increases!

Adjust Package Month to Month

24 / 7

No Hidden Fees

For True 24x7 Service.

No Additional Charges for After Hours, Holidays or Weekends

Per Call

We Bill Monthly Per Call.  You Can Event Adjust Your Package Month to Month!

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