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1.     How does your service work?

Every account is provided with either a local or nationwide toll free number, which may be called directly (may be used in client’s advertising) or be forwarded to, typically from a client’s existing business lines. In some instances a client may do both, forward office lines when they need us to answer and they will also advertise (web site, postcards. etc.) the provided number.

Accounts are custom built and configured to exact specifications. Calls will be answered using a client’s pre-chosen answer phrase and will be processed according to the client’s instructions. Different types of calls may be processed. For example, new sales and support calls may be expected. In this case client’s account screens may have instructions such as, for all support calls, go to page 2. For all new sales calls, go to page 3. On each page specific instructions will be given for processing that type of call. In the support example the agent may be instructed to e-mail that information to 5 separate e-mail addresses. For a sales call, perhaps the instructions are to gather up certain information and patch the caller through to a salesman. Any combination of delivery methods may be selected for any type of call. For example, maybe certain types of calls need an e-mail and a text message, while others are held until a scheduled e-mail or fax summary is sent the next morning. Alternatively, certain call types may require that information is provided to callers, such as, offering up-sell information while an agent completes a script. Other times agents may simply be relaying information, such as, business address, providing directions to your nearest location or supplying information on the types of services you provide.

These are but a few examples of available services and how they work. Many more can be found within this website.


2.     How do you charge?

Our call center charges a low base rate each billing cycle, much like an access fee. The base rate provides 24/7 access to our agents.. The low base rate is the only commitment, after that you may buy “call packages” that include a certain number of calls each month.


Because all usage is billed in arrears, there is the option of changing rate plan size as needed.

3.     How will you know how to answer the phone for my business?

As part of our set-up process, we ask for certain information regarding products and services, as well as general information about the business. This includes, but is not limited to, a company address, phone and fax numbers, web site address and directions to locations. If a client so chooses, it can be made to appear as if our agent is actually the office receptionist. Any information a client wishes us to disseminate may be provided. This includes everything from pricing information, FAQ’s to emergency contacts. Very quickly agents will begin to “learn” more about the business, simply by answering calls. How quickly agents become knowledgeable is a function of how busy the account is and how long the client has been with our telephone answering service.

4.     How can I be assured that friendly, intelligent people will answer my calls?

Our hiring and training methodologies insure that professional agents answer your calls. Potential new agents are first subjected to a battery of computerized testing to gauge their cognitive and physical skills. Typing speed, spelling, grammar and comprehension are all measured. Once the best candidates have been identified they move to our interview process, which focuses on communication skills and attitude. We are always looking for “can do” attitudes and energetic agents who share our company focus towards quality and friendly service. After agents complete the interview process they move on to our training program which requires them to learn about our company, our clients, our software and hardware systems. After agents successfully complete our training courses they are moved to the call center floor where they work under other agents for several weeks before they are allowed to take calls on their own. Our agents answer and end calls with a smile. Through strict selection criteria and intense training programs we guarantee that our agents are the best in the industry.

5.     Is privacy important to you?  Will my and my client’s information be protected?

Yes, our answering service takes privacy very seriously. All employees sign a confidentiality agreement which remains in effect indefinitely. Our call center utilizes the highest data encryption and firewall technologies to insure the integrity and security of our network. We employ the highest standard of customer data and information protection.

6.     How soon can I be up and running with your service?

Signing up is easy and can be completed online in just a few minutes. Once you’ve signed up you will automatically be assigned an account manager. Your account manager will contact you, often the same day or during the next business day to provide new account information and to gather additional setup information. At that time they can also answer any additional questions. After that, most accounts are ready for live calls within 24 – 48 hours, depending on the complexity and any necessary agent training.

7.     Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No, the initial contract period is 30 days. 30 days written notice is required to cancel.

8.     Is there a setup fee to start my account?

No!  We have waived all set up fees.


9.     How can I pay?

We currently offer two payment methods, credit card billing and standard invoicing (pay by check).


9.     How do I sign up?


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